Private & Group Lessons

BACKGROUND: I am grateful for the outstanding teachers that have inspired and encouraged me. I began classical guitar lessons in grade school with Maestro Diego Corriente and later electric guitar lessons with Mr. Walter Wedler on Long Island, NY. During high school, I was fortunate to study under Michael Newman of renowned Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo and instructor at Mannes College (New York City). Afterwards, I earned my music degree from Rutgers University – Mason Gross School of the Arts (1989). Always seeking to improve, after graduation I studied privately with Alice Artzt (Princeton, NJ) and Dr. Stephen Robinson (Stetson University, DeLand, FL). Additionally, I performed for many master classes, including Jason Vieaux, Roland Dyens, Benjamin Verdery, Elena Papandreou, Dale Kavanagh, Frederic Hand, Antigoni Goni, Eduardo Fernandez and others.

INSTRUCTING MY STUDENTS: Learning to play the guitar should be enjoyable, but for many it can be frustrating — particularly in the beginning. Contrary to ‘folklore,’ the guitar is not an easy instrument to play. With consistent effort and good guidance, however, almost anyone can learn the basics of playing the guitar. I introduce my students to all music styles to kindle a positive response and customize lesson plans accordingly. I am equally at home with Bach, Led Zeppelin or Taylor Swift. I prepare imaginative lessons and utilize the latest computer hardware (iPad Air 2, iMac OS X Yosemite) and software (ForScore, Garageband, iMovie, Finale). This brings art and technology together to make music lessons more enjoyable.

I offer private and small group lessons at my home studio in Orlando or student’s home (Windermere, Dr. Phillips and surrounding areas). Please contact me to discuss beginning a musical journey.

Student Testimonials

“I would like to say thank you for introducing me to a lot of good music.  About a year ago before I took guitar lessons from you I would listen to mediocre mainstream music.  Now, since I have started your class, I have been introduced to a variety of good music.  Next, you are a pretty cool teacher.  I feel like I have learned a lot from your lessons and am continuing to learn even more. I really enjoy your lessons!

Stay awesome!”

—  Jordyn

“David is an excellent guitar teacher! He has done a wonderful job with our son’s guitar skills.  He is now able to play quite a few songs with confidence and  excitement.  He keeps our son learning and interested in progressing in his guitar skills which is a tough task.  David is punctual, professional and just a great teacher in every sense of the word.  We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in playing the guitar no matter their age.”

—  Sweta (Sajan’s mother)

“I was once an unknowing, musically-deprived young girl who knew nothing about the ukulele.  Now, with David’s guidance and teaching skills, I’m strumming like a pro.  He is always patient and enthusiastic about teaching me the musical genius he has developed over the years.  From the very beginning we jumped right into new songs keeping me excited about every upcoming lesson.  I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”

—  Alia (now also a guitar student!)

“I’m a beginner guitar student learning classical style from David. He is an excellent teacher who challenges me with every lesson. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to become a great musician!”

—  Isabel

“David is a brilliant musician and a phenomenal instructor. His passion is
contagious. His teaching style is careful, casual and highly effective. I
look forward to our lessons every week.”

—  Isaac (student and father of three ukulele students!)

“My son, Jack, had an interest in learning the guitar.  He self-taught for about a few months, and demonstrated his interest was more than casual, so we sought out a teacher.  And found David Naidu…

David has been working with my teenage son for about a year. He comes to the house weekly, which is an extreme advantage for our family, since we have 4 kids, who all need to be in different places almost every evening during the school year.

David spent time initially teaching my son proper/ classical  technique and form. From there David has patiently and enthusiastically invested his time in developing and encouraging a love of music in my son.  David comes each week with a plan, and appropriately directs my son’s guitarist ambitions.  David never rushes out the door at the end of the prescribed time limit for the lesson, and seems to really have an interest in my son’s musical development.

David is a gentle soul, fluent musician, and focused teacher.  Glad we found him!”

—  Jeff (Jack’s father)

“My daughter Jazlynn truly enjoys taking Guitar lessons with David. He is a one of a kind instructor!  He truly shows his love for music and most importantly teaching others how to play. He takes the time to teach and makes it fun for his students to succeed in learning and enjoying while playing the guitar.  I highly recommend Mr. Naidu to any parent that’s seeking a highly professional instructor that truly cares about his students. “

—  Betsy (Jazlynn’s mother)

“My son has been taking guitar lessons from David for just under a year now however has made more progress than he had in the previous couple of years with his previous instructors.  David emphasizes proper form and technique which makes a huge difference in the quality of the music. He provides music that is recognizable and fun and works with the student to get it played perfectly.  We are very happy with David as a guitar instructor and highly recommend him to students of all levels.”

—  Benu (Nikhil’s mother)

“We are truly appreciative of David sharing his knowledge and expertise with our family.  He possesses all of the essential qualities one would look for in a music instructor: knowledge, experience, variety, and patience to name a few.  It has been remarkable to watch and hear myself and my children progress week by week with his guidance.  Thank you, David, for helping to bring music into our home!”

—  Ilan (student and father of two guitar students!)

“David has helped Kareena appreciate music from a different angle by teaching her how to play the guitar. David’s professional and patient teaching over the past year have made this a great experience.

On many occasions we (parents) have spoken with David, he has, every time shown how much passion he has for his music lessons and the ability to teach music. We recommend David as a music teacher to anyone wanting to learn from a true professional.”

—  Deepak (Kareena’s father)

“My son, Steven, has been taking guitar lessons with David for about a year now and his progress has been nothing short of remarkable!  From classic rock and blues to jazz and classical, Steven has learned an impressive variety of music.  I couldn’t imagine finding a more knowledgeable, patient or enthusiastic teacher.”

—  Steven (Steven, Jr.’s father)